Vehicle Lift

Vehicle Lift

Drive onto the Lift and let the power of your Rokenbok vehicle automatically raise the vehicle into the air for easy maintenance. A Rokenbok mechanic, workbench and garage accessories are included. Your Rokenbok vehicle is all the power you'll need. No batteries are required!

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  • 03/04/2001 - $29.99


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Part List (33 parts, with 22 unique parts)

Name Qty Color Description
Rokenbok Tool 1 metal
Single Block/Cube 8 blue
Flag 1 red Rokenbok v2
Corbel 1 purple
Lamp 1 yellow
Handtruck 1 yellow
Fascia Sign 1 yellow Garage
Full Beam 1 white
Half Beam 1 white
Full Beam 1 gray
Half Beam 2 gray
Wheel Tread 4 black
Fire Extinguisher 1 red
Barrel 1 green
Oil Change Pan 1 green
Oil Pump 1 green
Worker/Figure 1 blue
Handrail/Railing 1 yellow
Ramp 1 dark gray
Half Deck Plate, Studs 1 light gray
Workbench 1 light gray
Vehicle Lift 1 gray, red, yellow