Tower of Rok Mania

2005Building Set452
Tower of Rok Mania

Maybe the coolest and most amazing Rokenbok building ever! To start the action, the included Power ROK Lift carries blue and red ROKs up this five story tower. Watch as the ROKs go spinning down Dual Spirals, in opposite directions!

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  • 08/13/2006 - $99.99

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Part List (452 parts, with 33 unique parts)

Name Qty Color Description
Flag 1 red Rokenbok v3
16mm Red ROK 100 red
19mm Blue ROK 100 blue
Large Curved Beam 9 black
Wall 1x7 3 light gray squares
Wall 2x7 3 light gray squares
Single Block/Cube 77 blue
Window 14 blue
Window 14 red
Straight Chute 6 yellow
Bin Dumper Top 1 yellow
Riser 2 light gray
Bin 1 red
Bin 1 blue
Girder 3 blue
Billboard Frame Back 1 gray
Billboard Frame Front 1 gray Not Counted
2 Way Brace 1 blue
Corner Chute (Left) 3 yellow
Chute Hopper 2 yellow
Inside Curved Chute 11 yellow
Outside Curved Chute 9 yellow
Full Beam 65 black
Half Beam 6 black
3 Way Brace 3 blue
Rok Dumper Pivot 1 yellow
Rok Dumper Basin 1 yellow Not Counted
Bin Dumper 2 yellow
Rack Extender 4 blue
Rack Base 1 blue
Elliptical End Chute 5 yellow
S-Beam 2 black
ROK Lift 1 green


Quick Facts:

Okay, we went a little chute crazy, but this is the construction tower set for anyone that loves rolling, tumbling, twisting ROK action!

To start the action going, the Power ROK Lift carries two crates of blue and red ROKs up the five story construction tower. The ROKs shoot across the tower and go spinning down dual spirals, in opposite directions! Double Tipples complete the ROK’s journey, dumping them into twin giant ROK silos that can hold 400 ROKs or more! Fun to build and even more fun to operate, the Tower of ROK Mania is a great Small Parts Iconplace to give your RC Loader and RC Fork Lift a work out, and to store every one of your Rokenbok ROKs.

Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

Includes: Motorized ROK Lift with Dual Dumping Bins, 16” Double Spiraling Chute System, 2 Giant ROK Tipples, Blue and Red ROK Auto-feeding Storage Silos, 458 Snap-fit Building Pieces. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

Common Questions

Q- Is this the same ROK Lift that is sold separately?

A- Yes, it is the same ROK Lift machine, but this one comes with two crate platforms and more gear tracks to make a taller tower.

Q- This looks like a lot of fun; would it be appropriate for a five-year-old?

A- Yes and no. The Tower of ROK Mania would be fun for a younger child to operate, but it is a challenging build plan, especially the spacing of the curves in the dual spiral.