Service Center

Service Center

Includes 89 building pieces and accessories to build a drive-through Service Center and other single or 2-story buildings. Building pieces include beams, blocks, wall sections, windows, peaked roofs, a Rokenbok construction man and more.

Price History

  • 03/09/2001 - $34.99

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Part List (89 parts, with 18 unique parts)

Name Qty Color Description
Rokenbok Tool 1 metal
Door 1 red
Window 16 red
Deck Plate, Studs 2 purple
Single Block/Cube 12 red
Flag Sign 2 white
Full Beam 20 blue
Flag 1 red v2
Lamp 1 green
Handrail/Railing 1 green
Worker/Figure 1 blue/yellow
Roof 2 yellow
Platform 1 gray
Ramp 2 light gray
Wall 1x2 8 light blue corrugated
Wall 2x2 2 light blue corrugated
Wall 2x7 4 light blue corrugated
Wall 1x7 12 light blue corrugated