RC Transgripper & Trailer (rerelease) [blue]

2007Vehicle (RC)21
RC Transgripper & Trailer (rerelease) [blue]

Features two front power forks that grip, lift and load. Also included is a Cargo Trailer with two side rails for transporting cargo and hidden ramps that pull out for vehicle transportation. Requires Start Set and three AA batteries.

Price History

  • 03/11/2008 - $64.99

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Part List (21 parts, with 9 unique parts)

Name Qty Color Description
16mm Red ROK 5 red
19mm Blue ROK 5 blue
Barrel 4 orange
Bin 1 red
Bin 1 blue
Barrel Holder 1 green
Handrail/Railing 2 yellow
Cargo Trailer 1 blue
RC Transgripper 1 blue