Power ROK-Lift

Power ROK-Lift

With a simple bump of your vehicle, the ROK-Lift will hoist your "cargo" to the top where it is automatically unloaded. Balls roll and tumble through the crazy, zig-zag chute system and spill into the giant ROK Slide at the bottom! 110 building pieces. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

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Price History

  • 08/11/2003 - $29.99
  • 07/20/2012 - $49.99

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Part List (110 parts, with 25 unique parts)

Name Qty Color Description
16mm Red ROK 20 red
19mm Blue ROK 20 blue
Half Beam 4 black
Full Beam 14 black
Bin 1 blue
Fascia Sign 1 yellow
Worker/Figure 1 teal
Single Block/Cube 13 blue
Riser 1 light gray
Bin Dumper 1 yellow
Bin Dumper Top 1 yellow
Corbel 4 red
Chute Hopper 1 yellow
Straight Chute 2 yellow
Elliptical End Chute 3 yellow
Wall 1x7 3 light gray squares
Wall 2x2 1 light gray squares
Wall 1x2 2 light gray squares
Window 8 light blue
3 Way Brace 1 blue
Rok Dumper Pivot 1 yellow
Rok Dumper Basin 1 yellow
Block, Magnet 2 yellow
Rack Extender 3 blue
ROK Lift 1 green


Quick Facts:

The ROK-Lift is a vertical conveyor that can lift a crate of cargo to any height. With a simple bump of your vehicle, the ROK-Lift will hoist your cargo up its track to the top, where your ROK cargo is automatically unloaded. ROKs spill into a hopper and then roll and tumble through the zig-zag chute system and into the giant ROK Tipple at the bottom. Place a crate on the ROK-Lift’s platform with your Fork Lift, or fill the crate with your Loader or Dump truck. Add more gear tracks (sold separately) to make the ROK-Lift go even higher!

The ROK-Lift is the perfect machine to feed Rokenbok chute systems and move ROKs through your Rokenbok World. Because the ROK-Lift travels straight up a slim tower of beams and gear tracks, it can be placed almost anywhere. The crate platform can be snapped on either the left or right side of the lift. This flexible, simple toy conveyor Small Parts Iconsystem is a valuable addition to any Rokenbok world.

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Common Questions

Q- How does the ROK-Lift know when to start?
A- The ROK-Lift has a switch on the front. Just bump it with any vehicle, and it will automatically travel to the top, dump its load of cargo, and return to the bottom ready to pick-up another load.

Q- Is the ROK-Lift controlled by the ROK-Star Controller?
A- Not directly; but use the ROK Star Controller to command any Rokenbok machine, even the Monorail, to bump the ROK-Lift’s switch and start it on its way.