Motorized Conveyor (battery 2) [brown]

Motorized Conveyor (battery 2) [brown]

This motorized conveyor automatically starts when you dump ROKs (balls) in and then automatically stops once the ROKs are gone! And this latest version of our Conveyor no longer needs to be plugged in - it runs on batteries so you can put it anywhere and have as many as you want in your world.

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  • 03/11/2008 - $37.99
  • 04/02/2010 - $39.99

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Motorized Conveyor 1 orange/brown wired


Quick Facts:

The Motorized Conveyor starts automatically when you dump ROKs (balls) in and then automatically stops once the ROKs are gone! The Conveyor snaps into any Rokenbok layout to deliver ROKs into chute systems, water towers, or even another Conveyor.

A favorite technique of advanced Rokenbokers is laddering; using one Conveyor to feed the next at a higher level, each Conveyor starting automatically in turn as ROKs reach it. It’s a “ROKgreat way to move large volumes of ROKs to dizzying heights, and a blast to watch in operation.

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Common Questions

Q- Is the Conveyor controlled by the ROK Star Controleer? A- No, the conveyor starts automatically when ROKs are dumped into it, and stops automatically when empty.

Q- How does the Conveyor know when to start? A- An electronic eye in the base of the conveyor sees when ROKs are dumped in.

Q- Can young children harm the Conveyor by holding on to the conveyor belt? A- Like most Rokenbok drive trains, the conveyor belt is protected by a clutch mechanism. Grab the belt, and you’ll here a click-click-click as the clutch springs into action to protect the drive mechanism.