Building Value Pack

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Building Value Pack

This 158-piece set offers a balanced combination of beams, blocks, ramps, and decks to expand your current Rokenbok System at an economic price. New curved beams and curved deck plates are included.

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  • 08/11/2003 - $39.99


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Part List (158 parts, with 18 unique parts)

Name Qty Color Description
Rokenbok Tool 1 metal
Single Block/Cube 35 blue
Single Block/Cube 35 red
Riser 10 light gray
Large Curved Beam 8 black
Full Beam 14 blue
Full Beam 14 black
Full Beam 4 white
Half Beam 6 blue
Half Beam 6 black
Half Beam 4 white
Deck Plate, Studs 3 purple
Deck Plate, Studs 3 light gray
Half Deck Plate, Studs 3 purple
Half Deck Plate, Studs 3 light gray
Curved Deck Plate, Studs 4 light gray
Long Ramp, Studs 3 light gray
Ramp 2 light gray