Action Sorter & Conveyor (rerelease)

Action Sorter & Conveyor (rerelease)

Classic "Action Factory" From Our Very First Start Set! Motorized Conveyor automatically turns-on to deliver ROKs to the Action Sorter, where they can be diverted in four different directions for reloading or storage. Three AA batteries required.

Price History

  • 08/05/2010 - $79.99

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Part List (83 parts, with 18 unique parts)

Name Qty Color Description
16mm Red ROK 20 red
19mm Blue ROK 20 blue
Full Beam 12 blue
Half Beam 2 blue
Quarry 1 blue
Single Block/Cube 18 dark blue
Flag 1 red Rokenbok v3
Riser 1 light gray
Lamp 1 yellow
Action Sorter 1 orange/yellow
Straight Chute 2 yellow
Inside Curved Chute 1 yellow
Rokenbok Tool 1 metal
Motorized Conveyor 1 brown/orange
Flag Sign 1 red Quarry
Water Tower Tab 2 yellow Not Counted
Action Factory Tipper 1 purple Not Counted
Action Factory Tipper Retaining Plate 2 purple Not Counted