Vehicle drives poorly / can't go uphill

Fri, Jul 16, 2021

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This guide applies to all vehicles, regardless of type or generation

If you find your vehicle doesn’t drive straight, has trouble going uphill or navigating obstacles, more likely than not the drive gear is broken. Luckily, all vehicles use the same drive system, hence this guide is applicable to all vehicle drive repairs, regardless if it uses tires or treads.

Your most likely going to need to buy new drive gears (#82A plastic gear 0.5 modulus) to do this repair. You can find them on [eBay usually.] (

First, if the vehicle has treads, remove them. This is easier if you rotate the wheels while pulling off the treads.

Next, using a small screwdriver, remove the screws located at the back underside of the vehicle, after you do this, gently pull the panel up and out of the two tabs located on the opposite side. If it hasn’t fallen out already, remove the circuit panel from the pins, just make sure you don’t tug on the cables.

removing the two screws from the back underside of the vehicle

Now, unscrew the three screws on the side you want to work on first.

Gear configuration

Assuming the gears haven’t already flown out, remove the two that are in the indented area. Try to pull out the smallest gear at the bottom. If you can easily remove it, then it is broken. Simply insert a new one in its place. This will require some force. Now re-install the rest of the gears and repeat for the other side.

Boiling the warped component

Now, re-install the side cover(s). Make sure the top section of the vehicle is out of the way. You may need to jiggle the cover a bit to get it in. The two larger screws go on the sides, with the smaller one going in the center.

Lastly, put the holes on the circuit board into the tabs located on the sides of the vehicle drive assembly. Insert the gray tabs on the back of the vehicle into the holes located on the upper part of the vehicle, then rejoin the bottom and top of the vehicle using a hinge motion. If you’ve done this correctly, it should close cleanly, if not, check if anything has moved out of place. Now re-install the last two screws. If everything is correct, then it should hold together when you pick it up by the top part of the vehicle.

Written by: MrWonka (Jarret)